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Elder Leroy V. Trout, Assistant Pastor Posthumously

In Memory Of


Assistant Pastor Posthumously

Elder Leroy V. Trout


"The Smile of A Solider"


There is hope in your eyes and victory in your smile even though all Satan's attacks, through the midst of the clouds appears the smile of a solider.


One who had taken many blows from the enemy. One who has stood the in the gap for others. One who has pressed through on the battlefield, there  yet appears the smile of a solider. His smile was so bright and radiant, it transcends the depths of your soul. How precious and genuine was this soldier's faith as he pressed through the pain and understood his life was in God's hand and surely the revelations did unfold.

How can this solider still smile? Because he realized that this earth was not his home, and was only a temporary place to roam.


The Sorrow-temporary....The Tears-temporary..... The Chemo-temporary.....The Oxygen-temporary.....


This solider can still smile because he had hope in his eyes for he could see that one day he would be changed from glory to glory, where his joy will be everlasting.

Peace-Everlasting!  Love-Everlasting!   Life-Everlasting! And, oh yes his smile-Everlasting!

Doctors had given up on him, but he yet smiles for he knew that he had lived according to II Timothy 2:3, he has "endured hardness as a good solider...." Although he is a veteran of the secular army, He is also a hero in God's Army!


He was a solider with a strong backbone, but a heart soft as a teddy bear! He loved everyone and stood in agreement with II Peter 3:9, " that he was not willing that any man should perish.."


This heart of gold and firm belief in his Redeemer is why we can experienced the "Smile of A Solider!"



(written by: Elder Kimberly S. (Trout) Bozeman)


We Love & Miss You!

Assembly of Faith Church Family

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